The Beatles’ “REVOLVER”

In Concert plus the Best of 1966

The Grammy Museum, Los Angeles

Sunday, June 2, 2019…2.30 p.m and 7.00 p.m.

Doors open at 6.30 p.m.


Hosted by: Chris Carter of "Breakfast With the Beatles" on KLOS FM and on the Beatles Channel on SiriusXM, and Chris Carter's British Invasion on Little Steven's Underground Garage

Performed by:

Kenn Ellner, lead singer of Count Five

Dennis Tufano, former lead vocalist of the Buckinghams

Elliot Easton of the Cars

The Beat Farmers' Jerry Raney

The Three O Clock’s Michael Quercio and Louis Gutierrez

Jamie Savko

The Byrds’ John York

Gary Myrick

With Jeff Alan Ross, Bill Cinque, Christopher Allis, and Rob Bonfiglio

And more to be announced.


The Beatles’ “Revolver” complete--In Concert plus the Best of 1966.


“A veritable goldmine…”—Melody Maker, July 30, 1966

"This is a brilliant album which underlines once and for all that the Beatles have definitely broken the bounds of what we used to call pop."--NME, July 29, 1966

"The best album the Beatles ever made, which means the best album by anybody" --Rolling Stone Album Guide, 2005

"They introduce whole new vistas of sound”--London Daily Telegraph, September 7, 2009

“The Greatest Album in History”--VH1, 2001


Named by just about everyone as one of the greatest-if not THE GREATEST-albums ever made, Keith Putney Productions follows up its December 2018 presentation of a complete performance of the Beatles’ White Album with “The Beatles’ Revolver and the Best of 1966” at the Grammy Museum on Sunday June 2, 2019.

Entertainment Weekly named in #1 in their 2013 list of “All Time Greatest Albums”, Q magazine named it number one on their list of the “50 Greatest British Albums Ever”, and Collin Larkin ranked it first in his 1994 book “All Time Top 1000 Albums”. On June 2, 2019 at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, the complete album will be performed live on stage along with a selection of other classic songs from 1966.

The breadth and depth of Revolver’s track listing eclipses the greatest hits of any recording artists save the Beatles themselves. Taxman, Eleanor Rigby, I’m Only Sleeping, Love You To, Here, There and Everywhere, Yellow Submarine, She Said She Said, Good Day Sunshine, And Your Bird Can Sing, For No One, Doctor Robert, I Want To Tell You, Got to Get You Into My Life, and Tomorrow Never Knows make up the complete list.

In addition to the complete Revolver, the show will touch on other highlights from what was arguably popular music’s greatest year, 1966. Some highlights from the Rolling Stones seminal album Aftermath will be touched on, as well as songs from the Kinks, Yardbirds and more.

We’ll take full advantage of the presence of Count Five’s lead singer Kenn Ellner to have him perform their classic Top 10 single, “Psychotic Reaction” and Dennis Tufano --the former lead singer of the Buckinghams-and the voice of their hit records of the 60s-gives us “Kind of a Drag”. They’ll help as well with the Beatles and other 1966 classics.